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Travel Lapland is a tour operator specialised in introducing people to the marvels of Swedish Lapland, enabling you to experience an incredible range of natural wonders for instance; the Northern Lights; reindeer; moose; the never ending snow and forests and of course, Santa. All of our packages include a full itinerary of activities particularly tailored for winter sport beginners and snow virgins with a focus on Skiing/Snowboarding and Snowmobiling. We also offer a Laid-back Lapland Package for those wishing to sit back and take in the scenery in style.

Discover the Wilderness

We are passionate about delivering a 'natural' experience of Swedish Lapland that demonstrates what life is like for the people who live in the wilderness during the winter in an accessible and friendly manner. In line with this philosophy we do not base our packages in a resort style complex. The accommodation we provide is Bed and Breakfast in a traditional north Swedish wooden house that has been converted into functional and exceptionally warm apartments. We provide complimentary lifts to the local shop for goods and food and provide advice on the best food available.

The village of Vuollerim, (40km from the next town, Jokkmokk), is surrounded in all directions by forest predominantly composed of birch and pine trees and is located at the confluence of two rivers, the Big Lule and the Little Lule. The stunning location means from the doorstep of the lodge you can expect to see a host of incredible wildlife and natural phenomena from small snowy foxes to the magnificent Northern Lights.

The wilderness of Lapland, with a population density of just 2 people per km/sq, is the perfect place to learn to ride a snowmobile and with so few people around a fantastic place to learn to ski or snowboard. For experienced skiers the slopes of Kabdalis offer plenty of challenges and the back country possibilities are unrivalled in Europe.

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    Skiing & Snowboarding

    Learn to ski or snowboard on almost empty slopes and endless snow with our experienced instructors.

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    Gliding over the surface of waist-deep snow under the glow of the Northern Lights is an experience that it is difficult to match.

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    Kabdalis Ski Resort

    With runs and slopes for beginners and experts alike there is something here for everyone.

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    The home of Santa, reindeer and the Northern Lights. Experience 'The Last Wilderness in Europe' with Travel Lapland.