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At Travel Lapland we can offer an incredible experience on the slopes. At the Kabdalis ski resort beginners and experienced skiers and boarders alike will be well entertained. The quiet slopes offer a range of runs from gentle slopes to steep ice slicks. Jumps and bars are available at the top and bottom of the runs for those who fancy a bit of freestyle. Our fully qualified instructors can get even complete novices sliding in no time. Starting on the learner lift and working on technique so you can come all the way down the piste.

We drive to the resort early in the morning and get equipped upon arrival, there is a restaurant and bar at the resort itself for lunch, although we can keep any sandwiches etc. cool using the fridge in the minibus. The resort is in the next valley along from the village so to reach it we take an amazing drive over the hills. In the evening on the way home it is possible to take a detour to Jokkmokk and visit the shops.

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