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Snowmobiling is as fascinating as it is exhilarating, enabling travel to places otherwise inaccessible or too far to contemplate without mounting an expedition. The modern machines are both economical and extremely fast, managing to easily achieve a 0-60 time of less than 5 seconds, on snow! However, they are equally as entertaining when taking it easy, providing a fun and practical means of visiting the forest despite the snow being 5 feet deep. Anyone can ride a snowmobile as long as they have a valid driving licence, (it is still possible to ride a snowmobile without a licence although you will be restricted to private grounds).

We ride with two people on each snowmobile staying in contact through headsets in the helmets and riding in convoy. There are prepared trails through the forest that take us over hills where the sun glistens on the snow and the bright blue sky pokes through the snow laden trees along the way we cross frozen lakes and marshes. Dotted here and there along the banks of frozen lakes are small log cabins and it is here we will sit down and prepare lunch making a fire either on or very close to a lake. Along the way we may encounter moose; reindeer; eagles; foxes or even lynx and of course if we take a ride in the evening there is a very good chance of seeing the northern lights!

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