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Q. How cold can it get in Lapland? And can we do anything if it is really cold?

A. The average winter temperature ranges from -9c to -13c, although occasionally it does drop as cold as -35c and a few days of -18c -23c can be expected over the winter. It is dangerous to engage in strenuous activity when the temperature is below -20c, our activities cannot go ahead at temperatures lower than this. Although we may still be able to visit Jokkmokk and complete the Lapland Safari even if the temperature is as low as -30c.

Q. Can we see the Northern Lights?

A. Yes! Though it is best to bear in mind that they are inherently unpredictable so it is very difficult to give a definitive answer. Some people only come once and see them immediately, others have come many times and not seen then at all. We do, however, run a 'Northern Lights Watch' at night and are happy to take you to a viewing spot in the small hours.

Q. Can I drive a snowmobile or do I need a special licence?

A. You can ride a snowmobile with a full driving licence and we will need to see it for insurance purposes. There is no special amendment required. If you do not have a driving licence you can ride on the back of the snowmobile and may ride one on the grounds of the Lodge.

Q. What clothes should we bring?

A. If you wish to bring your own clothing it should be of very high quality. We can supply clothes and shoes where required, although we will need prior warning in order to meet you at the airport with them. Clothes must be breathable and water resistant and extremely well insulated. Boots must have a sizeable amount of rubber sole and good insulated lining and be at least three inches above the top of the ankle. We will check all your equipment is suitable upon arrival.

Q. Is is safe?

A. Yes. Obviously Lapland in winter can be an extremely cold environment and this poses health risks if you are outside for any length of time. However, people live here during the winter and there is all the infrastructure you would expect in a North European country (just more spread out!), there is a hospital within 50km and an air ambulance available if anything serious should happen in a remote and inaccessible location. Our snowmobile guides have comprehensive first aid training.

Q. Can you provide vegetarian, vegan or other specialist dietary food?

A. Yes. Wherever we provide prepared food, (breakfast and on snowmobile trips), we can if requested provide a vegetarian or vegan alternative to the standard reindeer and moose main. We will need advance notification of any specialist requirements to ensure we can supply the appropriate food.

Q. What wildlife are we likely to see?

A. There is a varied range of fauna in Lapland including; moose; reindeer; lynx; golden eagles; roe deer; foxes and more. There are brown bears in Lapland but these will be hibernating in the winter. There are no polar bears in Lapland.