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£800 Per Person

£800 per person for the first 3 people. Further people cost £400 each, up to a maximum of 6 in a group. So a group of 4 costs £2800 not £3200!

This package is for anyone who has a keen interest in experiencing learning the art of riding a snowmobile and spending some time deep in the forest.

The exact itinerary will be dependent on weather and a number of factors, including how you feel as a group. As a good guide you can expect to spend at least one night in a remote log cabin that is only accessible with a snowmobile. It is possible to spend two nights in either the same or in a different cabin. Though we may decide to go back to the house and set off in the opposite direction in the morning. The weather and the snow conditions will be a large factor in deciding the itinerary. What can be guaranteed is an adrenalin filled blast across the snow and through the forests. Everything in Snowmobile Plus is included expect visiting Jokkmokk.

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