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£700 Per Person

£700 per person for the first 3 people. Further people cost £300 each, up to a maximum of 6 in a group. So a group of 4 costs £2400 not £2800!

For those who really wish to get some good experience riding a snowmobile and spend a day either on the slopes or exploring the area.


2 days riding a snowmobile. We spend the first day getting to know how to ride a snowmobile riding out to have lunch on a frozen lake before taking a winding path back to the house. In the evening we discuss which route to take in the morning. Waking early on day two we shall venture further and faster learning to ride in deep, 'powder' snow and potentially we shall attempt to scale a few large hills. We eat a late lunch and ride back under the cover of darkness, hoping to see the Northern Lights!

1 day either Skiing/Snowboarding or visiting Jokkmokk

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Skiiing / Snowboarding

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